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We are a listening ear that hears the unheard.

The strength of

a community to positively impact tomorrow!

We have come together to build a warm circle of trust, care and affection! It is our duty to reflect on the love we receive and to pass it forward!


Years of





We seek equality, we are driven by a purpose, and we are united by a group.

The U.H.E Group engages in various Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) in order to ensure the well-being of the island and the world we live in.

In order to positively impact raising awareness to drive social change The U.H.E Group has been actively taking part in various projects, events and initiatives.

It has truly been an honor to have partnered up with the backbone of The U.H.E Group – our most appreciated teams from each sister company to build a solid and unshakable foundation dedicated to improving society and the environment.

Empower Lives, Protect Environment, Join with us today:

Join the U.H.E Foundation in our mission to uplift lives and protect the environment. Your donation can fuel positive change, creating a sustainable, and thriving future.”

At The U.H.E Foundation, we believe in being vocal through actions!

We are where the community is loved, the environment is cared for and ethics are never ignored!

Education & Community Welfare

Enabling education, fostering community, creating a brighter tomorrow.


Preserving nature, promoting sustainable practices, ensuring a greener tomorrow.

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Together, for a Better World.

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Our Main Focuses:

Enhancing educational opportunities, supporting educational initiatives that empower individuals and the surrounding community.

Conserving environment, promoting eco-friendly practices, and driving initiatives that protect our planet, ensuring a sustainable future for the next generation.

Engaging in projects that uplift the community, providing essential resources, healthcare, and social support creating a positive impact on people's lives.

We seek equality, we are driven by a purpose, and we are united by a group!

The U.H.E Group’s sister properties and the loving warm embrace of the outstanding support of the teams have been the pillars of the success of all the campaigns run by the U.H.E Foundation. Together, we stand strong and unshakable as the building bricks of a community that is thriving, a society with a dream and an island that is flourishing!

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