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Annual Concert and Prize Giving – Little Hands Pre-School

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On December 12, 2023, Little Hands Pre School, a proud initiative of the U.H.E. Group, marked a significant milestone by hosting its very first annual concert and prize giving. From delightful dance routines to enchanting musical performances, the children took to the stage with confidence and joy, sharing their talents and hard work with an audience of supportive family members, friends, and teachers. It was a day that underscored the importance of nurturing creativity and individuality from a young age, leaving everyone in attendance touched by the sheer happiness and pride emanating from the performers.

The concert not only celebrated the achievements of the children but also brought together the community, reinforcing the bond between the school, the families, and the children. The event wrapped up with a prize giving that celebrated the incredible talents of the young participants, followed by a delightful surprise visit from Santa Claus.

This memorable day was a promise of many more to come, where the talents and dreams of Little Hands Pre School’s students will continue to be nurtured and cherished.