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Beach Conservation Project, Yala

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The U.HE Foundation proudly launched two environmental conservation projects at Yala Beach, focusing on the protection and revitalization of this precious natural habitat.

The first initiative, beach cleaning component of the project involved systematic efforts to remove trash and debris from the shoreline, ensuring a cleaner and safer habitat for marine life and a more pleasant environment for visitors. This action not only helped in preserving the natural beauty of Yala Beach but also contributed to the broader fight against ocean pollution.

Secondly, the tree planting project at Yala Beach served as a natural defense mechanism against the pressing issue of beach erosion. By strategically planting trees along the coastline, the U.HE Foundation aims to strengthen the beach’s resilience against the forces of nature that contribute to soil erosion. Trees act as natural windbreakers, reducing the wind’s speed and thereby its ability to erode the beach.

This dual approach of cleaning the beach and reinforcing its natural barriers exemplifies the U.HE Foundation’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.