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Installation of a Water Purifier System at the Teaching Hospital, Badulla

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Badulla Teaching Hospital, recognized as one of the five largest hospitals in Sri Lanka, serves as a critical healthcare institution catering to thousands of resident patients daily. Despite its significant role in providing medical care, the hospital faced a pressing issue that compromised the well-being of its patients – the lack of proper clean drinking water facilities. This shortfall forced many patients and their families to resort to purchasing bottled water from the hospital canteen. Given the socioeconomic background of the majority of the in-house patients, the cost of bottled water posed a substantial financial burden, making it an unaffordable option for many.

In response to this urgent need, the U.H.E Foundation stepped in with a solution that exemplifies a commitment to community welfare and social responsibility. Recognizing the importance of clean drinking water as a fundamental right and a cornerstone of public health, the foundation took the initiative to install a water purifier system at the Badulla Teaching Hospital. This significant contribution not only alleviates the financial strain on the hospital’s patients and their families but also ensures that access to safe and clean drinking water is readily available to everyone within the hospital premises.