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Workshops for Smallholders of the Supply Chain

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At Uva Halpewatte Tea Factory, we pride ourselves on being the largest capacity tea producer in the Uva Province, with a network of approximately 3,500 dedicated smallholders who supply us with tea buds. Recognizing our pivotal role in the tea industry, we have identified a significant challenge that threatens the sustainability and quality of our products: the prevalent lack of knowledge among farmers regarding the proper method of plucking tea leaves. This widespread gap in expertise often results in the harvesting of low-quality tea leaves, which can detrimentally impact the overall quality of the tea produced.

In response to this challenge, U.H.E Foundation took proactive measures by initiating comprehensive workshops aimed at educating smallholders about the importance of proper leaf plucking techniques. These workshops covered the essentials of identifying and plucking high-quality tea leaves, the tangible benefits that quality leaves bring to the end product, and the adverse effects that poor plucking practices can have on the tea industry as a whole. Through these educational initiatives our aim is to elevate the standard of tea leaf harvesting within our network, thereby enhancing the overall quality of our tea and contributing to the long-term sustainability of the tea industry.