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Halpé Tea Celebrates Triple Triumph at the 31st National Export Awards

U.H.E. Exports Pvt Ltd, the proud parent company of Halpé Tea, is delighted to announce its triumphant success at the 31st Annual Export Awards, held recently. The esteemed event witnessed Halpé Tea securing three prestigious awards, solidifying its position as a leader in the tea and tea products sector.   

Eranda Aberathna, Managing Director of U.H.E. Exports Pvt Ltd, expressed gratitude and pride in the company’s achievements, saying, “We are immensely honored to receive these prestigious awards. It is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team and the unwavering support of our clients. These awards reinforce our commitment to delivering exceptional tea experiences to our customers worldwide.”

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Gold Award in the Tea and Tea Products Sector (Medium Category) to Halpé Tea. This recognition not only underscores the exceptional quality of their teas but also acknowledges the dedication and innovation embedded in the crafting process. In addition to the Gold Award, Halpé Tea was honored with the esteemed Late Deshabandhu Patrick Amarasinghe Challenge Trophy. This trophy, named after Late Deshabandhu Patrick Amarasinghe, Founder President of the NCE, symbolizes his interests of SME Export Oriented Enterprises & commitment to the Export Development of the country. This trophy is awarded by the Chamber to the exporter who gets the Best SME Exporter of the Year Award. A crowning achievement for U.H.E. Exports Pvt Ltd was being named the Most Outstanding SME Exporter of the Year 2023, which is granted to the entity achieving the best overall performance in the sector. This accolade reflects their prowess in navigating the global market and their dedication to being a driving force in Sri Lanka’s export sector.


In a rigorous evaluation process, the 31st Annual Export Awards recognized excellence in various sectors, with a keen focus on innovation, quality, and contribution to the national export landscape. The awards serve as a benchmark for industry leaders, highlighting companies that demonstrate outstanding performance and adherence to international standards. The significance of these accolades lies not only in honoring the achievements of companies like Halpé Tea but also in encouraging a culture of continuous improvement within the industry. The comprehensive evaluation criteria encompassed financial performance, export performance, market/product development, value addition, effective management efforts, implementation of quality management/environment protection systems, branding, innovation, research and development activities and human resources. 

Halpé Tea’s success is not only a celebration of their accomplishments but also a recognition of the journey from the lush tea fields to the refined cups enjoyed by tea enthusiasts globally. Their handcrafted blends and attention to detail set them apart, and these awards validate the passion and craftsmanship infused into every Halpé Tea product. 

As they celebrate this momentous achievement, they extend their heartfelt thanks to their loyal clientele, stakeholders, and the wider community for being integral parts of their success story. They look forward to continuing this journey of excellence, innovation, and commitment to quality.

For more information about Halpé Tea and its award-winning products, please visit https://www.halpetea.com/


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